Been a while since we’ve had a tattoo on Tree Porn… this is maybe the cutest tree tattoo I have ever seen!

| image by Ed von Ems

“If your songs come forth with great fervor, you not only reach deity, but deity comes and possesses you, becomes part of you, and gives you the strength to do whatever you’ve got to do to win your battles, to harvest your crop.”
~Joe Carter from Joe Carter and the Legacy of the African-American Spiritual
photo by Premasagar Rose (Taken with Instagram)

Ever heard of SkyDancing Tantra? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like: Tantric sex on a hot air balloon while blasting salsa music. Ah, relaxation.
Unfortunately for everyone in the world, that was just a joke (with a dash of wishful thinking on top). Skydancing Tantra: The Path to Bliss was actually started by Margot Anand and has grown since the mid-to-late 80s to great prominence amongst yogis looking to find a mutually heightened balance of spiritual and physical invigoration with their respective partners. Although these Buddhist-linked teachings are particularly aimed for heterosexual couples, there are workshops in existence that cater to the man-man experience.
Sex is but one factor in the ultimate objectives behind SkyDancing Tantra. The goal is the to achieve higher states of consciousness that will lead to new ways of honing in on levels of sexual release that had previously been impossible to reach. As the current leaders of SkyDancing Tantra continually implore - you could read all the books in the world surrounding these methods and philosophies, but you’ll never understand it until you actually, physically do it. Gays, pay attention - there’s a new orgasm in town. 
Check out the organization’s website to find when your nearest institution will be holding a seminar. 

Butte Creek, Oregon | image by tre.dreams

Absolutely stunning!

“Find yourself a cup; the teapot is behind you. Now tell me about hundreds of things.”
—Saki from The Toys of Peace and Other Papers.
Photo by Lana L. (Taken with Instagram)